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Segment your political posts on Facebook

How to spare your non-political Facebook friends from your political posts.

With the election of Donald Trump our country has entered a very contentious and polarizing phase in our political discourse. This can easily be seen in your Facebook news feeds. No matter what side of the political aisle you are on you will see posts either excited by the latest political event or outraged.

I’m not one to tell people that they should not share their feelings about politics on Facebook. Quite the opposite, I believe that you should attempt to be engaged. But, unfortunately not all people are in fact interested in the polarizing news that seems to be flooding our news media every day. Many people just want to be able to continue to enjoy the photos, life updates and videos that makes Facebook such a great way to stay in touch with family and friends near and far.

Luckily, Facebook provides some features that allow you to post your politics in a way that only your friends who are interested in politics will see them.

Friend Lists

Setting up a Friend List is very straight forward and easy. Not only is it a way to separate your political posts, friends lists are a useful way to filter your news feed and segment your friends in many ways that go way beyond the intent of this post. Check Facebook’s help for more in-depth information on the Friend Lists feature. I’ll detail how to do the basics needed for our purpose. Setting up these lists need to be done on the Desktop version as far as I know. As of now I have not found a way to set these up in the mobile app but that could change.

Go to your News Feed. Over on the left hand side of the page you should see several friendslistsections. One section is titled as “Explore”. One of the options there should say “Friend Lists”. Click on that and you will be taken to the Friend Lists page.

Creating a new list is as simple as clicking the “+ Create List” button, giving it a name and adding the friends you want to be in it. I opened my news feed in a separate tab and scrolled through to find my friends who posted anything political and added them.

At this point I thought it was important to alert the members that they had been added to this group and to give them the option to leave it.


Feel free to use my template if you wish.

If you are seeing this post it means that you have at some point posted something political so I have added you to my “Politics” list. I am creating this list to try and segment my political posts away from my friends who may not want them in their feed (maybe we should all do this). If you wish to be removed from this list please message me directly.

After that, whenever you want to post a political post make sure you simply select the “Friends” button right next to the “Post” button. That will show you the audience that your post will apply to. At first it will only show “Friends” and “Public” so just select the “More Options” selection and select your list. After that your list should appear as a primary option.


Note: you can even go back to previous posts and change their audiences as well to filter out your wall. I did this to the last several political posts.